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Millennials, they do dope ISH!

The conversation today is about investing and Millennials. For those of you who don't already know, Millennials are defined as the "new or young generation". Usually Millennials are shamed for depending on technology to solve some of life's easiest problems. Some may think they're useless but it's proven that Millennials have been responsible for the new wave of the way we do pretty much everything now a days. It's also proven that the biggest companies love hiring Millenials; Apple, Google, Amazon, and Facebook.. Also a technology company is almost always founded by someone born in 1980's to 2003 or the company was innovated by one.

Let's dive a little deeper into the Millennial mind and see how they hold up to the "old generation" when it comes to investing. Do they think investing is important? Do they spend all of their money on just food and gadgets? We have the answers for you now! The good thing is more Millennials have started to save this year than in 2014 (85% vs. 77%, respectively) but the bad thing is that For four out of 10 Millennials, the answer is yes. One-quarter of Millennials worry "all the time" about their future financial security, with an additional 17% worrying a few times a week or more. Interestingly, worries about future financial security are consistent across all generations—in fact, one quarter are concerned about this topic all the time. Wow that's a lot of worrying wouldn't you say?


Millennials don't just spend their money on food and gadgets and investing is something most of them do think about.. Sadly only 13% of Millennials invest Why? More than 40 percent said they feel they don't have enough money, 34 percent said they don't know how, while 13 percent specifically blamed student debt. The good thing is there are apps created specifically to make these Millennials more interested in investing in their future.. So Ironic.


Most companies Millennials will invest in are, you guess it; media and technology companies. Snapchat, Netflix, and Amazon seem to be the most popular. There are also companies out there such as Punch TV Studios who just rolled out IPO 2.0 and they offer shares starting at just $1.00 per share. It will be popular for Millennials not just for an inexpensive price but because it's media and entertainment which is very popular amongst this generation. The benefits of investing at an earlier age in a company such as Punch TV Studios, Amazon, or Netflix is that it helps develop positive spending habits. Those who invest early on are much less likely to have issues with overstepping their boundaries in spending over the long run. Investing teaches important lessons and the earlier you are able to learn those lessons the more you can make to do more things such as buy food and expensive gadgets.


Investing is important to Millenials but more important they love the luxury to do things instantly and achieve instant fulfillment. Let's briefly talk about Punch TV Studios, the company offering shares at just $1.00. It will take you Approx 20 mins to complete the entire process and this may become the new wave companies take their investments to attract more millennials.

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