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Girls Trip: Why It’s a Must See And The Ultimate Girl Friend Group Is A Must

This past weekend I had the opportunity to witness quite possibly the funniest female led comedy ever! Yes, I believe this statement and yes I may be dramatic but everyone who has seen this film has mentioned laughing for two straight hours. It was just that good!

The display of blackness and realness in Girls Trip is incredible. We have a film about black women, graduating from a black university; FAMU, going to one of the blackest events hosted in Louisiana; Essence Fest and featuring some of the most gorgeous black kings; Kofi Siriboe, Larenz Tate and Mike Colter. The   #BlackGirlMagic was enough to win my heart over, mixed with the comedic styles of Tiffany Haddish, the sweet nature of Jada Pinkett-Smith, the down to earth realness of Queen Latifah and of course the bold and courageousness of Regina Hall. Regardless of which friend you are we all have those friends, we might actually have a little of each inside of us.

Lets jump into the characters of Girls Trip.

You have Ryan, played by Regina Hall, the polished and well-put together one. She is successful and “has it all”, the great job, sexy husband (who is actually good for nothing) and beauty and brains. She is what we call the glue of the friendship. Always reaching out and making sure everyone is well. She will stop at nothing to build her brand and be the best of the best. You admire her ambition and drive and she usually pushes you to be your best self.

Then we have Dina, played by Tiffany Haddish, you know that one friend that is unfiltered and ratchet. She may be a little rough around the edges but has a heart of pure gold and is the comedic relief of the group. Whenever someone is down you all know your girl Dina will pick you back up. She will also snap when necessary and is not afraid to turn up on anyone at anytime. She is unapologetically herself. We all could use a friend like that.

Next, we have the sweetheart of the group Lisa, played by Jada Pinkett-Smith, who is known to be the mother figure. She probably wont hit the bars and clubs with you but if its wine Wednesday at the house you can definitely count her in. She is always there to lend a helping hand and give sound advice. And whenever you need a wet wipe you know she’ll have a pack, or two.

Lastly, we have our friend who puts on a front for the world Sasha, played by Queen Latifah. From the outside looking in she appears to have it all together but she really could use a helping hand and some support. The world sees her as a well-oiled machine but she knows she has some screws loose but that’s not really anyone’s business. You love her though because she is genuinely a good person and learns from her mistakes.

Each character carried a very real background and drove the movie to comedic success.

Girls Trip served us so many topics from love and relationships, keeping it real, the importance of our HBCU’s, being single and happy, thriving as a professional, having some chill (or lack thereof), knowing your worth, self restraint, compassion having a great time and the list goes on. To actually witness what could be real and see African American women band together in their times of need was heart warming.

I must admit representation matters, I repeat, representation matters because as African American women we are rarely portrayed as educated, beautiful, honest, loving, independent and courageous beings on screen. Though this is not a movie for children, by any means, this movie shows a tight knit group of college educated friends, who have great conflict resolution skills, keep it real with one another but still know how to have a good time. These are our realities not Love and Hip Hop or Real Housewives. This is a coming of age film for African American women on screen. This movie opens up the floodgates for women of color to play more honorable and engaged characters.

If you haven’t checked out this star-studded film you are only doing yourself a disservice. Make it your business to go see Girls Trip with your friends and hopefully reconnect or grow closer to the ones you know and love.

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