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Torrei Hart Goes Off On Amber Rose -“She Let These Men Gas Her Up A Little Bit”


Everyone & their mama had something to say about Amber Rose’s comments where she mentioned girls from Philly are “traditionally unattractive.” Even if you aren’t from Philly, I’m sure these comments were enough to make people feel some type of way because as women we should lift each other up rather than tear each other down.

Torrei took to TMZ yesterday to voice her opinion on Amber’s recent comments being that Torrei is from Philly herself. She reiterated many times in the video that Amber has to be careful about the words that come out of her mouth since she has a huge following. “I think the type of platform that she’s on, she has to be more responsible with her word choices because there’s a lot of young girls who look up to her, they’re taking every word she says and is holding on to that.”

Torrei concluded her appearance on TMZ with a PSA of sorts referencing how low self esteem can eventually lead to suicide and being cognizant of what you say as a celebrity can play a role on how your fans look at themselves.


Source- http://www.tmz.com/2017/07/27/torrei-hart-calls-out-amber-rose-philly-ugly/

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